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SD2 searches for new superintendent

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School District 2 is searching for a new superintendent after current Superintendent Terry Bouck announced his retirement this past fall.

The school board met with consultants from the Hazard, Young, Attea and Associates (HYA) in January to conduct a leadership profile assessment.

Through the assessment, as well as input received from parents, students, staff and other constituents, the board put together a list of criteria for SD2's next superintendent.

The criteria are listed below:

An individual who models and reflects:

• Ability to communicate and listen well, is accessible and accountable, possessing integrity; • High expectations for self and others;

• Risk taking that includes innovative strategies to enhance student learning;

• Transparency and will seek to make stakeholders a part of the decision making process.

A leader who has demonstrated the ability to:

• Be visible in the school community and the community at large, participating actively in activities and events;

• Engage all stakeholder groups in collaborative dialogue regarding improvement efforts and works to create meaningful partnerships with educators, parents, community groups, business interests and political leaders;

• Plan, implement and evaluate the efficacy of District instructional programs maintaining current outstanding programs such as dual credit, GATE, advanced placement, and trio programs, while continuing to seek improvement;

• Utilize limited resources in a fiscally astute manner aligned with meeting student needs and the long-term financial health of the District;

• Value the contributions of educators and strives to support and develop a highly knowledgeable, professional staff;

• Work with the Board to maintain and implement sound boardsmanship practices and establish accountability at all levels.

The superintendent shall have:

• Experience in a larger K-12 District

• A proven record of a commitment to positive working relationships with all employee groups, leading

• Vision for educational excellence and be well grounded as an instructional leader

• Demonstrated dedication to ensuring that all students (including special education) receive the resources, opportunities and supports needed to be successful;

• Strong fiscal and budget management skills;

• Successfully closed the achievement gap while maintaining excellence for students and experience working with students and families who come from varying cultural, linguistic and economic backgrounds, including students of poverty.

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