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Some residents celebrated sledding Sunday rather than Super Bowl Sunday

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Many people chose to boycott the Super Bowl this year due to ongoing protests during the National Anthem by NFL players.

That left those people looking for other ways to spend their day.

It wasn't hard to know what some were doing though with all of the fresh snow we received.

We got about 9 inches of fresh powder so for those who chose to skip the game it was the perfect opportunity to pull out the sleds.      

There were about a dozen or so people enjoying themselves at Pioneer Park.

Several children were riding their sleds and snowboards down the hills.

One mother told KULR-8 that she was enjoying watching the kids play rather than watching the Super Bowl.

That's because this year she boycotted the NFL.

Christine Grant said, "We have not watched a single game this year and I think it's horrible that they disrespect the flag the way they do and I'm not for that."

She said her family has even switched their favorite beer in protest of the NFL.

As for the sledding, we have quite a bit of snow still to come overnight so Monday will be another great day to grab a sled.

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