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Yellowstone National Park offering digital passes

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Yellowstone National Park now sells digital passes online. That means you may be able to drive right through an entrance without waiting in line, or does it?

Even on the first day – Yellowstone opens its East Entrance early every May – there is a line of cars waiting to pass through the gates.  There are morning waits on most days during the summer season.

2015 was the first year the park visitation topped four million.

In October, Superintendent Dan Wenk told Cody business leaders, “We had mile-long lines at the South Entrance. “

He said the East Entrance personnel told him,  “From 9-12 was very intense, and there were backups, you know, at the Park there.”

Now the Park is selling digital annual and seven day passes online, at YourPassNow.  A Yellowstone press release says the passes can be purchased and stored on your personal device,  used right away, or printed for future use. 

In the press release, Wenk is quoted, “We are pleased to offer a digital option to purchasing passes at entrance gates and to usher in a new era of online convenience for our visitors,”

Park County Travel Council Marketing Director Claudia Wade said,  “I’m excited to see Yellowstone National Park do the prepaid passes… “I would hope perhaps the Park Service takes the next step, and depending on how many might be used, consider putting in an express lane.”

Yellowstone has five entrances. One at the North, Northeast, East near Cody, South and West. At this point, the Park plans to have only one prepaid pass lane on busy mornings at the West Entrance. Yellowstone spokesperson Vicki Regula said due to the volume and flow that they’ve seen I the past, there will be no prepaid pass lane at the East Entrance

At least seven other National Parks began using the digital online pass system in 2016. 

The digital passes for Yellowstone became available online February 1, and can be used immediately.