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New therapeutic regimen helps people within Billings community

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A new therapeutic regimen is making its mark in the Magic City.

Not very many people from the Billings community knows what cryotherapy since it's only been around the Magic City since 2015. Cindy Graf is with N2 Cryo who said not only does it benefit the average gym goer or athlete, it also benefits people with chronic pain.

"There's days I get up and getting out of bed is the hardest thing in the world," Jed Porter said.

In its literature, cryotherapy is said to use freezing temperatures to treat pain and claims to replenish the body with good health.

"It's gonna flush out any inflammation you have and for the athlete, it flushes out lactic acid that they build up so that you're not sore the next day when you go to work out," Graf said.

Jed Porter suffers from ankylosing spondylitis which is an inflammatory form of arthritis affecting the spine and large joints. Porter said the pain is excruciating He took strong prescription medication to alleviate the pain and has tried acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care, but nothing worked.

Porter was very discouraged, until he tried this treatment.

"I've actually been able to do a lot more things than i normally would. Keep up on the physical side. I'm still in the military. I've actually cut my pain medication down since I've been doing it," Porter said.

MMA fighter, Shane Fichter uses the treatment while he's training for his next fight.

Hannah Elletson is a fitness instructor at Yellowstone Fitness in Billings and believes in the benefits of the therapy.

"You have the ability to come in and use this machine for three minutes and give your body ultimate ability to release toxins, inflammation, and improve your quality of life," Elletson said.

"If there was no more cryotherapy, I might have to go jump in the Yellowstone River," Porter said jokingly.

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