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School takes extra measures to protect children from influenza

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We are still in flu season and the number of reported cases of influenza in Yellowstone County continue to rise. KULR-8 spoke with Barbara Schneeman from Riverstone Health who said me the number of influenza cases since we last checked has risen.

Three weeks ago, we mentioned  227 cases of influenza have been reported in Yellowstone County. Schneeman said as of Friday, 349 cases of influenza has been reported.

Kim Bailey is the communicable disease program manager at Riverstone Health and said the number of flu cases are seen more in the elderly and children.

KULR-8 also spoke with Jenny Fox who is the primary principal for pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade at Lockwood school and she said their school takes all precautions to prevent a flu outbreak. She said the school makes sure kids are taught hand washing and sanitizing, but apart from that, Lockwood Primary School bought a new cleaning machine this school year that cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects large open areas. Fox explained why preventing a flu outbreak is important.

"We want them here so you when they're sick, they're missing precious educational moment and we do everything we can to get them here everyday and to be on time and that's just part of responsibility."

Schneeman said the number of reported cases are not exact numbers of the amount of total people who have gotten the flu because there are those that do not seek medical treatment if they have the flu.

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