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Local delegates react to State of the Union Address

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It was President Trump's first State of the Union Address Tuesday night. His speech covered many topics and issues in America such as immigration, tax reform, nuclear missiles, North Korea, terrorists, and much more.
Local Delegates in Montana as well as our neighboring state, Wyoming, had much to say after the State of the Union Address was given.

Congressman Greg Gianforte from Montana sent out a press release, which said:

Good evening. President Trump’s message was clear – the state of our union is strong. I agree with his assessment.
America is special. Regardless of background, we have the opportunity to earn a decent living, raise a family, own a home, contribute to our communities, and retire comfortably. To get there, we work hard, persevere, and take personal responsibility. That is the American dream. Opportunity is a cornerstone of our country.
The president and Congress have taken steps to open further the doors of opportunity for all Americans. We have worked to grow our economy, increase wages, and create good-paying jobs.
We delivered tax cuts for hardworking Montanans, and we’ve already started seeing the results. Three million Americans and counting are receiving pay raises and bonuses. Every day, it seems another company is announcing good news for their workers.
I have heard from several Montana small business owners who are increasing pay for their employees, investing in their businesses, and creating jobs. An insurance broker in Harlem is giving pay raises to all his employees and hiring another staff member. A small business owner in Stevensville is increasing pay for all his employees. And a local grocer in St. Ignatius is raising pay for his workers and giving them bonuses.In the next month, Montana’s workers will see more money in their paychecks because of the tax cuts.
We must also focus on cutting red tape in Washington that threatens our Montana way of life. I will continue working with the president and my colleagues to reform,
roll back, and repeal burdensome, unnecessary regulations that stand in the way of our outstanding potential.
House Republicans are committed to making America more secure, particularly as threats from terrorists and rogue nations grow. We have voted to rebuild our military after years of neglect, give our troops their largest pay raise in eight years, and take care of our veterans who have served our nation.
To make America more secure, we must also secure our borders. Any immigration reform must include measures to improve America’s border security. Otherwise, it’s just kicking the can down the road.
There is much good news from the last year: unemployment is lower, wages have grown, and stock market gains have increased retirement accounts.
We still have more work to do to ensure greater opportunity is available to all Montanans. We must bring the American dream back into reach for more people.
I am honored to serve as your voice in the U.S. House of Representatives, and I look forward to working with President Trump and members of Congress to enact an opportunity agenda that will benefit all Montanans.
Thank you, good night, and God bless.

Senator Jon Tester also sent out a press release a produced a video commenting on the President's speech. He added a statement that said this:

“I heard strong things from the President tonight that spoke to Montana’s hardworking families.  I look forward to working with him to upgrade our infrastructure, secure our borders, boost access to better jobs, and improve care for our veterans.  I’m concerned the President did not once mention our state’s top industries, so I’ll hold him accountable to address the issues facing family farmers and ranchers, and to protect our public lands.  I have always said that I will work with the President when I can and hold him accountable when his policies hurt Montana.”

Senator Steve Daines' reaction to the State of the Union Address was very positive and hopeful. He sent out a tweet quoting President Trump. He also sent out a press release quoting the President yet again:

"I want to thank Dani Highley for being my guest tonight at the President’s first State of the Union. Dani’s from Deer Lodge. She is 9 years old and suffers from juvenile arthritis. Dani, like so many Montana children, depends on a critical children’s health program called CHIP.
Unfortunately, there were some who thought we should shut the government down and not fund CHIP. I voted repeatedly to keep the government up and running. I’m honored to have Dani and her mom Glory as my guests.

Tonight, we heard the President speak of a nation that is strong and secure.
Together we will secure our borders, improve our crumbling infrastructure, pass a Farm Bill that works for Montanans and address the National Park’s maintenance backlog.
I look forward to working with President Trump, Vice President Pence and the Administration on these priorities. Let’s continue to Make America Great Again."

Senator Daines also had this to say:

“I applaud the President for making sure terrorists stay behind bars in Gitmo. We cannot allow the world’s most dangerous terrorists to roam free and harm Americans.”

The Auditor for the State of Montana Matt Rosendale also reacted:

“Every day Americans are keeping more of their paychecks and more businesses are investing in jobs and growth thanks to President Trump's tax cuts. Our nation is stronger today because of President Trump's leadership. Now it's time for Congress to step up and put their full support behind the President's top priorities," Rosendale said
"It's clear to me that Montanans have had enough of liberal obstructionists like Jon Tester, who continue to oppose President Trump at almost every turn. We need a senator who means business and will be there to support the President's agenda when it counts."

Delegates from Montana's neighboring state, Wyoming, had some reaction to the State of the Union Address. U.S. Senator Mike Enzi released this following statement:

“In the last year, President Trump and Congress have achieved a number of impressive accomplishments, including historic tax cuts and an unprecedented effort to end unnecessary and burdensome regulations. Our efforts have helped create more jobs, spurred the economy after years of slow growth and improved the lives of folks across the country. And in addition to confirming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the Senate has been able to reshape the judiciary to focus on the rule of law by confirming 22 of President Trump’s judicial picks. There are still many challenges at home and abroad that we will need to work on together in order to solve. There are great opportunities that await us if we believe in our country’s enormous potential. I was pleased to hear the President’s thoughts on the challenges ahead and look forward to the next year and the continued success that we will be able to see if we keep embracing polices that put our faith in the American people.”

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