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1/29: Senior Standout - Jefferson's Aubrey McMaster, Ellie Evertz, & Leah Vossler

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"All three seniors are very foundational for our team. I have high hopes," said Coach Klass. 

Lady Panthers head basketball coach Karson Klass relies on a trio of seniors to help lead Jefferson High. 

Aubrey McMaster is the team's leading scorer. She is an aggressive point guard who transferred from Capital during 2017 after her family moved to Boulder.

"I try to bring intensity to the team. I think if we come out intense every game that's when we play best. I think pushing the ball really helps for us because we're a pretty athletic and fast team," said Aubrey. 

"Great player. Offensively she knows what's going on and we really do look for her to be the leader like bringing the ball down the floor and to get our offense going to share the ball," said Coach Klass. 

Ellie Evertz is the six-footer who anchors the middle. What does she bring to the front-court?  

"Definitely height. We're a pretty tall team too. We look to get the ball into me a lot but we also have some good outside shooters," said Ellie.

"It always seems like every team has a big and she's athletic enough to take away their big most of the time," said Coach Klass. 

Leah Vossler is a scrapper who specializes in preventing points. 

"My role probably is more on the defensive end and bringing intensity and being positive when we all need it the most," said Leah.

"I always have a 'sic em' award and it's basically like: 'you see the person over there? They're really good. Go get em.' and that's what she does and she eats it up," said Coach Klass. 

Klass says you can expect good things to happen when these three are on the court. 

"You hope for progress, you hope for unity, and I think it's actually starting to show amongst those girls right now so definitely high hopes for them going forward," said Coach Klass