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Local Pole Vaulters Practice in Cold to Hone Craft

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This barn is cold and it's nothing fancy, but it works. 

"If you really want to be good and you're dedicated enough you'll come in the cold weather like this," said Roundup pole vaulter Selina Angel. "It's nothing special, just dirt, so you really have to be dedicated to want to pole vault here."

Selina angel is just one of several high school pole vaulters who practice in this barn. While it's usually used for horses and cattle, just add some poles and a box, and you'll have a practice facility. 

"Getting gym time at a local high school is just about impossible," said Senior pole vault coach Mike Caskey.

Scott Palin, the pole vault coach for West high, says a county commissioner told him Metra had a few barns that were available. Coaches jumped on the opportunity.

"We really are very thankful to our county commissioners for letting us be in here," said Palin. "And Bill Thatcher who runs the Metra, he was a big part of letting us be a part of this as well."

But what about future pole vaulters? Palin says the athletic director for District Two, Mark Wall, would like to create a facility, not just for pole vaulters, but for all track athletes.

"When you look at track in Billings, track is huge in Billings," said Palin. "Two colleges, four high schools. Every single one of the high schools compete for a State championship. This is really the track mecca. It would be awesome if we could come up with something."

Palin says while the people of Billings will have to determine if track is valuable to the city. The athletes themselves will continue to show their determination, even if temps get to below zero.

"That's when you truly know who's actually dedicated and who wants to become better," said Angel. "It means you're here for a purpose and you'll actually work hard at becoming better, not just sit around and watch."