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Tips for walking on ice

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The weather may have warmed up a bit this past week, but it's still winter.

Which means we still have cold temps keeping things like sidewalks and parking lots a little bit slippery. 

No matter how well snow and ice is removed from sidewalks and parking lots, there are still some slippery surfaces when walking outdoors.

According to Miles City Fire and Rescue, dew and vapor can freeze on cold surfaces forming an invisible layer of ice on pavement.

So in cold temperatures, approach dark areas on the pavement with caution.

Taking short steps or shuffling helps your walking stability as well as your reaction time in stopping.

Walk in designated sidewalks and avoid taking shortcuts in the snow.

One important thing to remember is to use caution when entering and exiting your vehicle.

Another important tip is if you feel like you're out of balance, holding your arms out like this will prevent you from falling down.

Other tips from Miles City Fire and Rescue include:

  • Keep your hands out of your pockets. Hands out of your pockets while walking lowers your center of gravity and increases balance. You can help break your fall with your hands free if you do start to slip.

  • Watch where you are stepping and GO SLOWLY. This will help your reaction time to changes in traction.

  • When walking on steps always use the hand railings and plant your feet firmly on each step.

  • Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles; use the vehicle for support.

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