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Billings church receives anti LGBTQ posters

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Traditionally a church is where a community comes together to pray and rejoice, but fellowship doesn't come without its challenges and that's true for Grace United Methodist church.

In the corner window of the church is a flag.

The flag, according to pastor Sarah Beck symbolizes hope, acceptance and love. 

However, to others....the flag represents something else.

"It's sort of a shocking thing to see that kind of hate directed towards a church," said Pastor Beck.

These fliers posted on the sanctuary doors send a loud and clear message. 

Volunteers discovered the fliers around five o'clock last night after setting up an event.

"Well night last night, it was kind of going between just being kind of angry, being sad and being concerned about the people who are here, about the people who consider this their church home you know," adds Pastor Beck. 

Doors to the church remain open during the day so the person who posted the fliers remains unknown.

One thing Pastor Beck does know, the church isn't going to let this incident intimidate them. 

The flag still stands proudly in their window.

"I remember somebody came to deliver a package to the office with tears in their eyes and said thank you for having that in your window because it's important you know and you know that's why we did it for," said Pastor Beck.

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