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Swastikas, 666 found spray painted across Billings

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Police are looking for any information you may have on some criminal mischief that took place between 9 pm Tuesday night and 8:30 am Wednesday morning.

Graffiti was found sprayed across several locations in Billings including some schools.

Neighbors on Burlington Avenue woke up Wednesday morning to find offensive graffiti sprayed across the sides of their cars including swastikas and the number 666.

It wasn't just Burlington Ave. that was hit, offensive graffiti was also found sprayed across Lewis and Clark Middle School and Senior High.

Tammi Russell lives on Burlington Ave. and said they were just shocked that that would happen and when her daycare parents came in they saw it all up and down the street and were just appalled.

Tammi said she was one of the first to see the graffiti on her street.

Her van had swastikas and male genitalia painted on the front and back.

She said she wasn't very happy and she was really disappointed to think that in this neighborhood they went through and vandalized everybody's vehicles and the things they put on them were kind of upsetting.  

Many of the residents on Burlington Ave have already cleaned off the graffiti from their cars and properties.

Billings Police are aware of the graffiti and are actively looking for information as to who may have done it.

Tammi said she wants whoever it is, to know how damaging this could have been.

She said, "If they really knew how much damage they do and how much disrespect it is to other people's property. We talked a lot about it with the kids at daycare and about how you take care of other people's property, you don't damage it yourself."

If you have any information regarding these incidents or any information on who may be involved please call the Billings Police Department at 657-8460 or Crime Stoppers at 245-6660. 

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