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Policeman takes on new parks officer position in Billings

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Nick Lam is the new parks officer for the city of Billings. He travels to about eight parks per day to make sure the community is kept safe. Officer Lam has been in this position for about two and a half months.

"Usually when I'm driving through these parks during daylight hours, I'm going to be looking for people with open containers and suspicious activity that would lead to any sort of probable cause that would lead to an investigation among other things," Officer Lam said.

Since there hasn't been a parks officer before, Lam has to figure out what works and what doesn't when it comes to monitoring and protecting city parks.

"It's a brand new position," Lam said. "I was able to kind of create a new position and create the rules as well as the policies that go along with it."

The Parks and Recreation Office has had problems with finding syringes, vandalism, and alcohol or drug activity in various parks. Therefore, Lam's presence is essential to bridging the gap between the Parks and Recreation Office and the Billings Police Department.

"We're both city entities," the parks officer said. "We need to work together."

"What can the community do to help you keep these parks safer?" KULR-8's Briana Monte said.

"The community can always have a watchful eye for any criminal activity," Lam said. "If the community or any individual sees any sort of drug-related activity like syringes in the ground or in the bathrooms, give the police department a call. I can come out there and get them disposed of in a safe manner."

Lam said he loves his job because he's always had an interest in helping the community and becoming a resource.

"It sounded like a great opportunity just to get really involved with the public."

Becoming the first parks officer ever employed in Billings is a lot of weight on one man's shoulders, but Lam is excited, as well as confident, to make the position have a successful impact in the Magic City.

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