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Delta Airlines revises policy on service and emotional support animals

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As of 2016, Delta Airlines has seen an 84% increase in reported animal incidents, which includes urination, biting and even a reported dog attack. 

That's why Delta says it hopes its new policies helps ensure the safety of their flying passengers, as well as the safety of their owners and their animals. 

The company is now requiring the animal's health vaccinations, a signed letter from the a vet proving the animal is for emotional support and signed documentation the animal can behave. 

Deede Baker, from Dog Tag Buddies, a no cost service to military veterans provides training for dogs to become emotional or service dogs says it is the owner's disgression to provide the proper training for their emotional support animal, as a service animal is required to undergo training to assist with a disability.

"When we do our program, even if it's an emotional support animal, these animals go through a minimum 10 weeks of obedience training. At the end of the ten weeks of obedience training, they should be able to pass a test called canine good certification test," said Baker.

One question Baker poses for veterinarians is what qualifications they are looking for to determine an emotional support or service animal is well behaved.

"A veterinarian is there to treat the ailments of our pets. they are not there to determine the level of training," Baker adds. I really struggle with them saying that's going to be one of their barometers used to determine whether or not this animal can fly."

Baker says while many passengers might think bringing an emotional support animal on board is a must, she says we should also take into account of the animal's best interest.

"When we fly, take that as another example, most animals aren't accustomed to that,"said Baker. "It's going to be hard for them.imagine how you feel when your ears pop and you start to land. what is it doing to these animals?"