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Bozeman Fire wants to lower speed limit on Interstate

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Bozeman Fire Officials are taking a stand to seek lower speed limits along I-90. One of the highest risks for the fire department is being out on the interstate, especially during the winter months. Bozeman Fire is hoping that they can drop the speed limit between Bozeman and Blegrade from 75 to 65.

Captain Travis Barton with the Bozeman Fire department believes they have seen an increase in accidents this year on the interstate and he feels dropping the speed limit will help keep not just the fire department safe but also the drivers. At a house fire, Bozeman Fire can close the street and contain the scene but on the interstate traffic is still allowed through.

Barton said, “I think it will prevent accidents up front if we are dropping the speed limit 10 miles per hour less through a congested area and that’s 10 miles per hour less that we have t take off of them when we are at an accident scene.”

As for the people of Bozeman, one resident said she sees a lot of wisdom in the idea.

Amy Phillips said, “I grew up in the Twin Cities where the speed limit is 55 and 65 all over the place and I also know that there are a lot of accidents between Belgrade and Bozeman. So I guess I don’t see anything wrong with that.

As for a timetable, Captain Barton said they are still in the early planning stages so nothing serious has taken place yet.  

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