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Billings TrailNet informs city council of Skyline Trail concept

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The Billings TrailNet presented a new project to the Billings City Council Tuesday night called the Skyline Trail. The trail will be located along Highway 3 atop the Rims between Swords and Zimmerman Parks.

Kristi Drake with Billings TrailNet said they have teamed up with the Montana Department of Transportation to make this trail happen. MDT will be working on Highway 3 this summer and on top of creating a round-a-bout on top of Zimmerman Trail and Highway 3, MDT and the city have allowed an underpass to be placed near the same location. Drake said the underpass will be paid for by the city.

Phillips 66 has also donated fifty thousand dollars to this project to provide public restrooms at Zimmerman Park.

Drake said Billings TrailNet still does not know where they are going to get the rest of the money for this public project, but she feels the community is supportive of the efforts.

 "I was really delighted with the reception that it got from the city council," said Drake. "I think that councilwoman Ronning was really supportive, as well as Mayor Cole. Really everybody on the council."

Mayor Cole said the Skyline Trail project will cost ten times more than any project Billings TrailNet has ever worked on and the work on this trail has only just begun. Trail funding will be discussed later this week.

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