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Former meth addict explains how to make sure you're not a target for theft

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Theft is an ongoing problem in Billings.

Facebook users post tips all the time on the Billings Neighborhood Watch page on how to prevent theft.

These neighborhood watch groups are good ways to find out about crime and even possibly get your stuff back.

One post stood out to KULR-8 though because it came from a drug addict that's been clean for five months. .

In the post she detailed some tips she said would have prevented her from stealing in the past.

Amber is a three time felon that was recently convicted and has one more pending conviction.

Her criminal convictions have now led her to a moral conviction to help others.

Earlier this week the former drug addict posted tips on Facebook in an effort to help you keep your things out of the hands of addicts.

Amber said she has a grand theft auto and knows what people look for.

If people had been quicker and done the tips posted then she wouldn't have been able to get as far as she did.

Her number one tip is to always lock your car and home.

She said people will take whatever they can to barter or sell to feed their addiction.

She also advised that you write down serial numbers so you can find your items if they end up at a pawn shop.

Amber said, "If I can prevent somebody from making that mistake and giving somebody the opportunity to make the same mistakes that I made then it's a way to make amends."

She wanted to make amends with strangers, friends and her family members because she said they're not immune to being victimized.

She said a simple security system can make all the difference in deterring thieves.

Simple but important tips from someone who wanted you to benefit from the mistakes she'd made.

According to Amber, there's always going to be crime and people are always going to find a way because there's so many more new opportunities to get away with things.

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