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City College celebrates Lewis and Clark week

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In partnership with Montana Inc., City College hosts their annual Lewis and Clark week. 

This is the thirteenth year of the event and has earned a national award as an educational program.

"This is an event to get kids interested in Lewis and Clark and all of the things we have in this region. This is our legacy event and we're the only state in the country to host a legacy event," said Judy Foster, School Liaison Officer.

With over 700 students in attendance for Lewis and Clark week, this event not only teaches them about the expedition but about what happened right here in their own backyard.

Junior high students from across the state get to learn about a wide range of topics which include medicine, food, animals, communication and more. 

"We've got eight different modules, sometimes ten, they're a half hour in length, so we split that so half of that half hour shows the kids something they did 200 years ago and then the second half shows how you would do that same thing today," said John Pulasky, Event Chairman

Pulasky says the student response from the event makes them proud knowing they've made a difference and leave students wanting more. 

"The feedback we get from the students has been the motivation to do it again and to keep it going. They want to go to school here and just a nice life experience," Pulasky adds.

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