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Billings clinic and St. Vincent Healthcare still out of network for Health Net

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We have continuing coverage tonight on a story we first brought you at 10 last night.

Veterans in Montana with Tricare coverage are learning this month many Montana hospitals are not at this

moment listed as "in-network" healthcare providers.

As we reported last night,several Montana hospitals are taking steps to ensure they will once again be listed as in-network providers.

Tonight KULR-8's Mary Jane Belleza has been in touch with Health Net on how they're working to ensure veterans and federal government, employees and their families can rest assured that their medical needs will continue to be covered.

The change went into effect with the start of the new year as a new company, Health Net took he administration of Tricare insurance in the western region of the United States.

Billings clinic and St.Vincent Healthcare are two of Montana's largest hospitals.

Both hospitals are continuing to serve all patients and are continuing to accept Tricare insurance.

As of now both St V's and Billings clinic are considered out of network... However,both have filed the necessary paperwork required to be listed as an in-network providers.

Tis is important because those receiving medical care can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars when it comes to choosing between and in-network and out of network physician for their medical needs.

Asveterans only recently learned of the change in network status many are concerned that they will be stuck with higher medical bills than expected.

Health Net sent us this statement to reassure their customers that their medical needs should not be compromised in the short term, explaining that the D-o-D has established a waiver for the first 90 days of the program of the higher out of pocket fees beneficiaries would otherwise pay.  

This gives providers ample opportunity to join as a network provider if they choose to do so.

Basically, that means nothing changes in the short term... However if a local hospital opts not to execute a network agreement with health net federal services.

Those who choose to continue to use those facilities can expect to pay a slightly higher cost out of pocket.

Based on the statement anyone with Tricare who was treated at an out of network medical facility in the last two weeks, you should not see any additional out of pocket expenses for those visits.

It should be only a matter of days before the necessary paperwork is signed restoring local medical facilities to in-network facilities

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