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Montana Rescue Mission pays a hefty price to keep people off the streets and into warm quarters

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As frigid temperatures continue, Montana Rescue Mission is making all efforts to keep people off the streets and in the warmth.

Montana Rescue Mission runs solely through donations from the community. Director of public relations, Denise Smith, said some of those donations go towards the heating bill between the Men's Shelter and the Women and Children's Shelter.

Smith said having the community aware of the heating bill is important because it is just one component out of everything else the MRM has to provide for the homeless. She said the Women and Children's Shelter provides heat with electricity whereas the Men's Shelter provides heat with gas. She also said one of MRM's goals during the winter is to make sure no one dies on the streets.

Daniel Labrie has been staying at MRM for about a week and said he's glad the shelter welcomed him with a warm place to stay.

"They usually keep people here for a month, but because I'm anemic and I have a payee, they're going to help me stay here until I can get into an apartment," Labrie says. "If you sober up you come here in the winter. If it's really bad out, it gives you a chance to sober up and there's a church here."

"Our job is to make sure that our guests that are staying with us are comfortable and that their needs are met and one of those needs is providing warmth during the winter," Smith said.

If you'd like to donate to help Montana Rescue Mission provide warmth for their guests, visit .

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