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Trouble with Veterans Park ice rink

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There has been unwanted ice on the roads this winter but there is one area in the Magic City where Billings Parks and Recreation is looking to add ice.

Billings Parks and Rec has been trying to brave the cold in an effort to open its yearly outdoor ice skating rink at Veterans Park.

Mother Nature hasn't made up her mind in the Magic City making it difficult for the ice rink to get up and running.

Superintendent of Parks, Mike Pigg, said it all has to do with temperature.

He said they check the forecast every day looking for the best time to fill up the popular ice skating rink.

Pigg said it has to be 25 degrees or below with only a small amount of snow for at least two weeks to create the rink.

He said snow creates an issue because it insulates the ground and takes his staff away from making ice because of plowing.

They make the ice rink by spraying thin layers of water on top of each other to create a 4-inch think rink.

If you plan on using the ice skating rink Pigg said you'll need to bring your own ice skates because they don't supply them but they do have warming stations if you want to take some time out of the cold.  

The park is open from 5 am to 10 pm daily even without the ice rink.

We'll update this story with the opening date should the weather cooperate.  

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