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IEP's help students in the classroom

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Overall, nearly 84% of Montana high school students graduated on time last year. 

The trend shows improvement over the last few years.

Educators work diligently with students who don't necessarily respond to the traditional curriculum and graduation requirements.

In some cases, students require an individualized education plan, or IEP in order to meet their own individual needs so they can graduate.

KULR-8's Mary Jane Belleza spoke with Justin Klebe, the superintendent of elder grove school district eight, who says the IEP ensures that each child is educated in the least restrictive environment possible, the effort is made to help kids get the most out of their education.

In many cases, these students are enrolled in special education programs.

He said an example of the goals could be speech and language, or bettering their abilities in reading or math.

"what some schools can do is that you can create an IEP, you don't necessarily need to be in special ed," said Klebe. "You can create an IEP which is what exactly what it is an individual education plan which is great, which is excellent. I mean if we can do that for all six hundred of our kids. For me, each student, imagine having their own educational plan."

Klebe says the IEP qualifying process for special ed is complex, but it's also an effective way to address how your child functions and learns. 

If you have concerns regarding your child's education, don't hesitate to talk to your child's teacher or the school administration regarding the criteria for putting a plan in place.

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