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Colstrip groundwater concerns

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As Talen Energy prepares to clean up toxic coal ash remnants from the Colstrip power plant, 

KULR-8 spoke with Colstrip Mayor John Williams about rumors surrounding possible ground water contamination.  

The Colstrip power plant pulls the water to power its steam generators. the city's water requirements are met by the the plant's delivery.

Mayor Williams wants the city of Colstrip to know their water supply has always been safe.

 "They were not on the city water supply at the time they had issues. The other residents I think did not necessarily, was on the ground water supply. It had to do with the elevation of the water table within the city limits. So the city was never part of any suit with the companies for groundwater, they never were and I don't think they need to be," said Williams.

Williams says the city of Colstrip never had any issues with their water supply to begin with.

He said the pipeline which leads to Yellowstone River remains stable. 

"Our water supply comes from the Yellowstone River and that pipeline was created down here in the 70's and it has never had an impact on our groundwater as far as the community of Colstrip has been concerned," Williams adds. "It's never had purpose of getting it's water down here from the Yellowstone River, it isn't because of the ash ponds because the quality of the groundwater that we have here."

KULR-8 reached out to Talen Energy, however they were unable to get back to us at this time. 

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