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Bully proofing your child

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When it comes to bullying schools are reporting that it happens to 25-percent of students.. On a daily or weekly basis.

Here's 5 ways you can "bully proof" your child.

First, "Talk about it with your kids".  Talk about bullying with your kids and have family members share their experiences..  Ask the school what their policies are and find out how staff can help the situation.

Butte school district teacher and future foster parent, Heidi Schnarr recommends to talk to your kids about telling someone.

"Tell an adult, the thing about bullying is it's usually somebody stronger over somebody weaker, so you can't fight it alone, Schnarr, says.

Second, "Remove the bait".  If lunch money or gadgets are enticing the bully give your child a sack lunch  and make sure they're- gadget-free.

Third, "kids health" says "Buddy up for safety".  Two or more friends standing at their lockers together are less likely to be bullied than one.

Next, "Keep calm and carry on".  Kids health says a child who isn't easily ruffled has a better chance of staying off a bully's radar.

Last, "Don't try to fight the battle yourself".  "Kids Health" says talking to the bully's parents can be a good idea, but recommends doing so with a school official.