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Montana Rescue Mission relaxes occupancy restrictions

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It's code blue at the Montana Rescue Mission tonight due to dropping temperatures in Billings.

The Montana Rescue Mission provides shelter for those living on the streets during shivering times, but with those provisions, comes a higher heating bill.

"We do everything with 100 percent donations," Fournier said. "Montana Rescue Mission does not take any public funds other than donations."

Fournier said during code blue, the search and rescue team go out and find anyone living on the streets. But the van they use was wrecked while helping others.

"Somebody did a hit and run," Fournier said. "They hit the van in the motel parking lot."

Fournier said it's made things more complicated.

"You just think about how little it takes to get frost bite or to lose core temperature then it becomes dangerous conditions."

28-year-old Daniel Labrie found himself homeless just weeks ago and said the Montana Rescue Mission has been a blessing to anyone seeking warmth, especially those fighting addiction.

"If you sober up and you come here in the winter and it's really bad out, it gives you a chance to sober up and they have church here and it helps people think about what their life can be like if they don't drink, they're not in the street, they're in here."

Donations will go towards helping those living on the streets during these cold times and if you'd like to volunteer for the search and rescue crew, you can contact the Montana Rescue Mission at 406-259-6079 or click on this link