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Ryan Sullivan resigns from city council position

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After serving on the Billings City Council for 2 years, Ryan Sullivan will leave his position for council in Ward 4 next Tuesday. 

KULR-8 caught up with Ryan Sullivan and his plans for the remainder of his term.

"An opportunity came up in Houston, Texas that was kind of a great career opportunity and just the right type of move that allowed us to pick up and leave from Billings," said Sullivan. 

When it comes to picking his replacement, he says the council and the mayor will have thirty days to choose a new applicant.

Ultimately it is the mayor's decision to choose a new a candidate while the council confirms. 

"So anybody that is over the age of eighteen, and a registered voter and lives in Ward 4 which is generally from MSUB to Ironwood along the Rims is eligible to be appointed to that seat," Sullivan adds. 

With a little less than a week before his departure, Ryan Sullivan tells me there is still much work he has to do.

"The big hand off now is to going to be getting my fellow council member for Ward 4 Penny Ronning up to speed on what I've been working on," Sullivan said. 

Throughout his time serving on the city council board, he says one great achievement stands out.

"I think one of my best accomplishments and it's not perfect," Sullivan adds. "There's still some kinks to work out but we now have a method to go plow those streets and I very much loved being here and can't wait to come back someday soon."

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