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Montana community shows support for family who lost home in fire

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KULR-8 would like to remind the community of a house off Blue Creek Road that was overwhelmed by fire, just two days before Christmas. The family helplessly watched the fire take their home. Now, the Jones family, is still in need of donations.

KULR-8 spoke to a relative of the family who says when their house caught on fire, they stayed at a family member's house for awhile, but are currently living in a hotel room until they can find a house to rent. They say they wouldn't have gotten this far without the help of the community.

"We just barely got to the club house and my dad called and says 'Sam and Karen's house is burnt down,'" Clark said.

Dean Clark, a relative and neighbor of the Jones family, said he knew he had to do something to help.

"It hit me that I was in a kind of position with the club and our community-orientated mindset to possibly do something to help them so the thought of doing anything different never crossed my mind."

Clark is a member of the "Knuckles Up" motorcycle club based out of Billings and has been the main contact for donations for the family.

"I've had people calling wanting to donate cash asking what kind of clothing sizes, coats, and shoes," Clark said. "We're even starting to get household items now."

The Knuckles Up member said the outpouring of help from the community has been tremendous.

"They've just surprised me at every turn," Clark said. "I've gotten phone calls from Kalispell, Deer lodge, and Dillon. Calls from people wanting to donate."

Clark said it doesn't end here. Some type of event to raise additional funds for the family is currently in the works.

"Trying to put together a venue right now that's going be big enough to hold it and as soon as I have a venue, we're going to jump on it and go from there."

Clark said the Jones family are still in need of donations such as household items. If you'd like to make any kind of donation including cash donations, call Dean Clark at 406-672-9416.

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