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Thirsty Street Brewing Company expands to a new location

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Thirsty Street Brewing Company is expanding their microbrewery to a new west end location.

With the new expansion, Thirsty Street hopes to turn their downtown location into a restaurant.

"We're actually going to move inside of the greenhouse at Canyon creek nursery, so what we're going to be doing is building a building within his building," said Shea Dawson, owner of Thirsty Street Brewing Company.

With the current success of the business, Dawson said he wants to appeal to his guests by catering out more unique beers and food.

"We're going to keep our downtown location and we're going to try to maintain, the feel of the taproom we have down here as much as possible because we love what we have going on down here but then we'll add a kitchen to the back and we'll have an unlimited service restaurant along with it," said Dawson.

Dawson said expanding his business means having a bigger establishment but it also allows for more creative control that they haven't had before.

"The other big piece for us is that we really needed a lot more space due to our success of our sour beer brewing. but most of those beers age in big barrels anywhere from six months to three years and they take up a lot of space so there's thirty barrels in the back now and I'm completely out of room." said Dawson.

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