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Bike safety tips during the winter

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A bicyclist was sent to the hospital after colliding with a car just before 8 o'clock Sunday evening.

The bicyclist was riding on South Billings Boulevard toward Blue Creek when the bicycle collided with a vehicle. Officers who were on scene said it is unclear who is at fault or if the bicyclist had proper gear on the bike for safety purposes.

Kristi Drake with the Billings TrailNet said it is Montana law to make sure you have lights in the front and back of your bicycle.

"That really indicates to somebody who is driving that there is a bicyclist ahead," Drake said.

The road towards Blue Creek is not well-lit, but Drake said that every street should be bike-friendly.

"I realize that there are some streets like Grand Avenue where you don't want to do that, but there are neighborhood streets and things like that or you have to get from one place to another," Drake said. "I know I choose to ride a bike, but a lot of people don't choose to ride a bike. They have to ride a bike."

Drake said that includes having to ride during the winter time.

There's a lot of ice and slush on the sides of the roads and that sometimes gets into the bike lane," Drake said "Or it can be in the middle of the road and people like to drive on the bike lane because that's the only place that's clear."

She explained some helpful tips for those who are driving near bicyclists.

"Just take your time. If you see someone on a bike who's in the middle of a lane, it doesn't take that much longer to just wait for a few minutes until you can pass safely. You can even go over the double yellow line. Just as long as you're not getting so close to a bicyclist that you either scare them or go into the slush."

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