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Montana Highway Patrol urges drivers to be mindful and aware of emergency vehicles on the side of the road

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The Montana Highway Patrol posted on their Facebook page about five troopers who have been involved in crashes through no fault of their own, costing tax payer money. Luckily, none of the troopers have been seriously injured.

Sergeant Kyle Hayter from the Montana Highway Patrol said that even though these crashes are not at the fault of these troopers, they are still taking precautionary measures for protection.

MHP's Facebook page shows pictures of four vehicles who have all been in crashes that were caused by other drivers not paying attention or being safe.

In the month of December alone, Sergeant Hayter said there have been five crashes involving troopers which is not normal. He said troopers are told to always be aware of their surroundings, wear their seat belts, and make sure their emergency equipment are ready and functioning. He also said they are taking extra precaution by evaluating every situation.

Hayter said winter has just begun and unlike most people, troopers have to remain on roads to keep the community safe.

"When the roads aren't good and we advise people to stay home if they can, the troopers still have to be out there," said Hayter. "They still have to be responding to calls so they don't want to be out there when the roads are bad, just like everyone else, but it's their job and they do it without hesitation."

The sergeant said troopers are more prone to danger are roads where the speed limits are greater, such as highways and interstates. Hayter said those speed limits that have greater numbers are more for optimal conditions when the roadway environment are at its best.

"We're still a lot of vehicles out there in poor conditions driving the speed limit, which is not acceptable and a lot of those vehicles are crashes," Hayter said. "Slow down and wear seat belts. Be prepared to come upon those emergency scenes with not just highway patrol, but tow trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, and be prepared to slow down even more than they already are and to move over and take other appropriate action."

Other tips you can do to help keep the roads safe is turn on your headlights in inclement weather and increase your following distance.

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