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$700 worth of food stolen from Taste of Asia

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You've heard of culprits stealing money from ATM's and culprits stealing ATM's, but what about stealing $700 worth of food?

KULR-8's Mary Jane Belleza spoke with the owner of Taste of Asia who found her freezer wiped clean of all food inventory.

"I came in today, walked outside to the cooler and we saw the cooler open and we wondered what happened," said owner Khuanmamy Foley. "So we looked inside the walk in cooler, we saw all our shelves empty, all our products gone."

The culprit  managed to get away with 200 pounds of beef, 200 egg rolls and four cases of noodles.

Foley believes whoever stole her food knew how to get in and out quickly and believes they owned a truck judging from the fresh tire tracks in the snow.

"They pried it. They didn't really cut the lock, they managed to unlock it for some reason," Foley said. "So we don't know you know...how it happened."

Foley says the first time someone broke into her cooler was six years ago, but the theft wasn't as big as last night's incident. 

She says hopefully this will be the last incident.

"We're going to put a camera from now on that way we see what's going on. Yeah, because right now we didn't have any camera or saw what happened back there," Foley said. 

While a police report has yet to be filed, Foley has no clue as to who the suspect could be and why they would steal all her food.

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