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Laurel city council members select new mayor

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Following Tuesday night's swearing-in ceremony for a new Laurel mayor, the appointed mayor and mayor-elect both failed to appear, pushing Laurel city council members to select council member Tom Nelson as the new mayor. 

"Mr. Waggoner had until 5 p.m. to submit a letter of resignation if he wanted to take the mayor position, he did not do that," said city council member Emelie Eaton.

In Dave Waggoner's absence, the city council appointed Tom Nelson, however, Tom failed to show as well.

Emelie Eaton believes Tom Nelson didn't show up to the meeting because he believed Dave Waggoner would be sworn in. 

In an earlier November 2017 interview with KULR-8, Waggoner said he believes the mayoral position is rightfully his. 

"To even move forward, they'll have to decertify," said Waggoner. "Which means going to court so until I hear something, January 2nd as far as I'm concerned I'll be mayor." 

Eaton said that once Nelson comes in to sign his paperwork, he'll start his position as mayor right away. 

"I think that he'll be able to adapt to that very quickly and he's a very intelligent individual and if he doesn't know something he'll ask so I think he'll be able to hit the ground running," Eaton adds.

Going into the new year Eaton said there is still much to do.

"Right now I think we'll all be very relieved when this is just finalized and done and we have a mayor up there and we're not looking around trying to get a cue off of everyone else," said Eaton.

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