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Mattress Firm Student Athlete of the Week: Manhattan Christian's Matthew Amunrud

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Matthew Amunrud is on a mission to lead his Manhattan Christian team back to the Class C title game, but when he's not suiting up for the Eagles, Matthew enjoys working with kids at his church, helping lead the Awana club and by following in his dad's footsteps and helping coach the church's mini league.

"He actually founded mini league," said Amunrud. "So I've been around that since forever, just played in it and then helped coach in it.

Matthews favorite part about working with the kids at his church? Sharing his love of the game with a younger generation.

"They're just so happy to be playing basketball or doing whatever games they're doing," he said. "It's just awesome to see the joy, be around that."

With a passion for coaching youth basketball already well ingrained, both Matthew and his coach can see him continuing to share his passion well beyond when his own playing career comes to an end.

"Absolutely," said Manhattan Christian Head Coach Jeff Bellach. "You know he loves the game and he knows there's a lot of kids out there that love the game too. And so, with that, that turns into a little bit of a passion to share with others."

"I would love to help coach," Amunrud said. "Fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth is actually a really fun group to coach, so I would love to do that."

And while Matthew is currently unsure about where he'll attend college, his coach says he'll continue to make a difference, no matter where he ends up.

"I know that when he's done here," said Bellach. "He's not even close to done with the impact that he's going to make on whatever community he ends up living in and the things that he goes on to do."

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