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Rules of the interstate: slow down and get over when passing stopped vehicles

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The road conditions here in Montana can be extremely dangerous, so driving alert is extremely important. This weekend, a Montana Sheriff’s Deputy had his car totaled after responding to a crash on Bozeman pass. He was trying to direct traffic when a semi was unable to stop and hit his car.

But what should you do if you find yourself in similar situation? Captain Don Peterson with the Gallatin County Sheriff’s office says there are numerous things you can do.

You need to put your flashers on immediately. If possible, move to a different lane or off the road.

However, if you can’t get your vehicle to a safe area and your vehicle is blocking traffic, you need to get out of your vehicle. Peterson says it is tough to say that when it’s cold, but it is a lot safer to be out of the way of oncoming vehicles.

To make sure you are prepared, Peterson says to put flares in your car, warm blankets, clothes and even cones or some sort of reflector to try and alert traffic ahead of time.

As for oncoming traffic, Captain Peterson says to always slow down. Officers will direct traffic into the passing lane, but be aware of which direction cones are going. Pay attention and see what’s ahead of you.

If you don’t, you could get charged for failure to yield to emergency traffic, and if you injure someone that could put you in bigger trouble.

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