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Missoula Police: "No Direction" in bones case

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Missoula police say they are at a standstill as they await DNA tests to find out anything about the bones of at least three children found in a Missoula shed in fall 2017

Missoula Police Sgt. Travis Welsh said they have conducted interviews but have "no direction" at this point. He said they're waiting for lab results to determine who these children may have been. He hopes that information leads them to more information about when and how the children may have died. 

A cleaning crew found the bones in September after some renters were evicted. Police got a search warrant that allowed them to search the property, but they didn't find any other evidence.

Anthropology experts at the University of Montana determined the bones were from at least three children because they found three teeth of the same type, and each person only has one of this particular tooth. These experts told us they were pretty confident that the University of North Texas Lab would be able to extract DNA from the teeth. Investigators are hoping to find out if the remains belong to those of three Michigan boys who went missing a few years ago.

The lab expects the results to take a few more months. Welsh said the department needs those DNA results to move forward in the case. 

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