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Know the warning signs of hypothermia

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Knowing the symptoms of hypothermia and who's at risk can mean the difference between life and death. 

KULR-8 spoke with Dr. Nathan Allen,MD from Billings Clinic about what to look out for.

One thing to remember is knowing who's a risk for hypothermia which includes, small children, the elderly and people who are working outside for a long period of time. 

Dr. Allen says anytime your body drops below 95 degrees is when you're at risk for hypothermia.

Symptoms include shivering, changes in thoughts and feelings, slurred speech, and confusion.

When this happens it's important to get inside a warm place and seek emergency attention immediately. 

Dr. Allen says the proper clothing is one way to prevent hypothermia.

"I think the first thing people should do is be prepared before they go out into a cold environment. So that's wearing multiple layers of clothing, making sure to wear hats, gloves, other pieces to keep the particularly vulnerable part of your body away from the cold," said Dr. Allen. "If you're worried that you're too cold or if you're experiencing a cold related emergency, you need to get somewhere warm as soon as possible."

Dr. Allen also said if you are outside working in cold weather to drink non caffeinated hot drinks and to have someone working alongside you if possible.