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Billings Logan International airport preps for snowfall

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It's going to take more than snow to cancel a few flights in Billings. 

Similiar to how state highway departments keep the roads clear, airport operations at Logan International Airport work around the clock to ensure the runway is free of snow and other debris.

"So we have a staff of eighteen that do snow removal and what we do is have them work twelve hour shifts so we'll have a 12 am shift and a 12 hour pm shift and that will give us coverage the entire day, depending if it is snowing or not those guys are on standby," said airport operations supervisor William Brenny.

The biggest issue is preventing ice from forming on the runway. Snow and rain can be easily dealt with, but once ice forms on the runway, it can be hard to get rid of.

When it comes to air field maintenance, he says safety is their number one priority

"Usually once the snow falls, that snow will start accumulating, we'll start rolling out our equipment to clear the snow," adds Brenny. "We do that because if we aren't out there right away and it starts snowing more and more we get behind and that can cause problems and delay flights."

Brenny says his team is fully staffed and experienced to prepare for this weekend's snowfall.

"Having to deal with that much snow in a short amount of time really pushes us to our limit, so it's very important that all of our operations out there run smoothly," said Brenny.

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