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Weather conditions are cold enough to freeze garage doors shut

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The effects of extremely cold weather can wear down machinery in your home, freeze pipes and even your garage door.

KULR-8's Mary Jane Belleza found herself in a sticky situation this morning when her garage door froze shut.

She went to Billings Hardware on Grand Avenue and spoke with supervisor Kandis Albertson on what measures to take to de-ice her garage door.

"One of the things that can happen in the cold weather is things don't like to work," said Albertson. "So your garage opener itself can get cold and not want to work especially if it's on it's last leg."

Extremely cold temperatures can contract and grip metal components causing your garage's motor to work even harder which can cause them to break down even more.

Albertson says to regular maintenance is the key. 

"One thing though if your weather stripping isn't properly stripping the door then all night long or all day long when we're getting the wind, that air is getting into your stuff," Albertson adds.

If you find your garage to be completely frozen over, Albertson says you can use a variety of methods to melt it down which includes a blow dryer or a heat gun. 

"Whatever you do, just be safe about it. That's the biggest thing," said Albertston. "When we get in these cold temperatures people are trying to heat up frozen pipes, garage doors and things like that. If you're using space heaters use cords that aren't frayed, cut or anything like that."

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