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Law enforcement gears up for busy snow days

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As the Montana Department of Transportation does their work to make travel easier for all of us, law enforcement across the state is also gearing up for the busy days ahead.
Thirty accidents in one day, that was the challenge for Billings police officers last week as the snow began to fall.

Officer Brandon Ihde says that preventing serious crashes takes a coordinated effort between officers, the street department, and motorists.

"Our job is to make the proactive stops to try and prevent the crashes," Ihde  said.

In Ihde's experience the first snowfall of the season tends to be busiest.

"You're going to have a bunch of crashes because people either forget to drive on it or they were in a hurry," Ihde adds.

The good news is that once we've had snow for a few days, drivers acclimate and the crash numbers go down.

With as much as a foot of snow being forecast for some areas, Ihde is hopeful that everyone works together to slow down and give officers plenty of room to work as they do their work.

Whether that's conducting traffic stops or assist motorists who are having a bad day.

"There's some people we're not going to be able to push or pull or shovel them out. They're going to have to call a tow truck," said Ihde. "A lot of that just comes back to being a careful driver. A lot of stuff is preventable."

Ihde is hopeful that drivers don't allow a bad day to turn into their last day and that starts by remembering to buckle up. 

"Obviously people having their seat belts on is the best thing to have if you're in a collision, make sure that you stay in the vehicle, just so you don't have those multiple impacts or getting ejected," Idhe adds.

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