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Mattress Firm Student Athlete of the Week: Frenchtown's Owen Indreland

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In the sport of wrestling, there is only one attribute that can dictate success on the mat.

“Wrestling is all about hard work. You can’t just go soft one day, and give 100% the other day. You are still going to be behind kids that are going 100% every day.” says Owen Indreland, a senior wrestler from Frenchtown.

For Indreland, his work ethic has brought him success as a Frenchtown wrestler. He made it to a state last season in his weight class, and is one of the senior leaders on a team that could make noise in the postseason. But Indreland’s toughness and attitude on the mat can be directly correlated with growing up and working on his family’s ranch.

“When beef sales are down, or it’s a bad hay year and you don’t get a lot of grass growing, it teaches you to push through the hardships and to work hard every single day of your life.” Indreland says. 

For Frenchtown Head Coach Jesse Long, who has been leading the program for 13 years, he says that there is a substantial connection between Owen’s wrestling success and his upbringing.

“You get kids in the room, you can tell that when they are freshman, they don’t know how to work, they don’t know how to do it. When he came in as a freshman, you knew he was going to work hard. You definitely could see that his parents had instilled a work ethic in him.” says Frenchtown wrestling coach Jesse Long. 

Owen is a referee and coach for Little Guy Wrestling, helping the next generation of wrestlers. And when the Western Montana Fair comes around every year, Owen shines. He has won the Montana Beef Herdsman Award twice, and recently won the county wide Citizenship Award for always lending a helping hand to those around him. 

“Living on a ranch, I have always been raised to help out, or help someone in need. So whenever I see someone in need, help however I can. So that is why I have been nominated for that. It’s just because when I see someone, I just try and help when I can.” Indreland says. 

“Owen is like the dad. He is the father figure. He is the one that everyone relies on. When people need something, people go to him. He is reliable. He has a good moral compass. Like if I had a young kid that needed help with something, I hope they would go talk with Owen.” says Long. 

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