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Business donations to help add K-9 Officer in Billings

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The Billings Police Department will add another officer in 2018 thanks to the generosity of two local businesses.

According to their Facebook page; Scheels and Phillips 66 donated money to help Billings Police purchase a K-9 and pay for the training of that K-9 and the Officer.

According to Billings Police:

Our goal this year was to obtain two additional K-9 positions and this donation puts us halfway there. This will allow our department to continue moving the K-9 program forward as our community continues to grow.

Billings Police also mentioned Phillips 66 stating that the company has been a regular contributor to the program.

Phillips 66 has donated to the program every year for the past several years which has allowed the K-9 handlers/officers to attend schools, purchase equipment, and enable other opportunities that would otherwise be financially difficult to provide.

Billings Police says that the K-9 program is important to the Magic City. 

One of the biggest benefits is the illegal narcotics that the K-9s are able to detect and keep from getting into our community. Another is the officer safety factor that is provided. Instead of sending an officer into a location a K-9 can be utilized to render a scene safe for officer(s) to enter.