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Helping homeless pets during winter

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Now that the Magic City is in the deep freeze, animal shelters are seeing a lot more strays in their kennels.

During the winter time, it can be difficult for our furry little friends to find food and shelter. If they're homeless, that is.

The Help for Homeless Pets Animal Shelter is currently housing 5 dogs and 75 cats. Angie Cook is the director of Help For Homeless Pets and said they see more animals during the winter months due to the severe cold. She said if you ever see a homeless pet and you can't help, at least put them under some type of wind-break until they can be rescued. She shares some other helpful tips on what you can do to protect a homeless pet.

''Well, you can use a box, but you want to get it up off the ground," Cook said. "Straw is really the best insulation. If you just stuff that box or whatever your container is, stuff it with straw and they will burrow their own hole in there and they will nest in there. If you don't have access to straw, then maybe just provide a lot of blankets so they can burrow and make their own little nest in there."

Cook said at the very least, bring them water and then call an animal shelter.

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