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Weather causes dangerous icy road conditions

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This winter weather is causing some icy and slippery conditions on the roads in Billings.

Lieutenant Brian Korell said within five hours, the Billings Police Department has had 19 reported accidents with two of them involving personal injury. He said since 3 o'clock p.m. Tuesday, the driving conditions in the Billings area deteriorated rapidly.

Korell said the Billings Police Department implemented the slick street policy. Meaning, officers will only respond to accidents involving serious personal injuries, DUI drivers, or accidents involving disabled vehicles. He also said even though some drivers may have 4-wheel drive, it doesn't help them stop in icy conditions. Korell has a message for the community.

"Drivers should only be out this evening if it's absolutely necessary," Korell said. "Like i said, the conditions deteriorated quickly and it's very, very poor driving conditions. In fact, at one point, traffic into the Heights was backed up on 4th ave N. all the way to N. 27th street."

Korell said if you get into a car accident and the vehicle/s are not disabled and there are no injuries, you should still call the police to fill out an accident report.

As a reminder, because of the number of calls and road conditions, it's taking the police longer to respond to calls.

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