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Driving precautions on slick roads

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With a slick street policy in effect, the Montana Department of Transportation warns those on the road to take every preventative measure when traveling.

Winter weather conditions can create icy roads and delays which means hazardous driving conditions and reduced visibility. 

Tom Tilzey from the department of transportation says to take every precaution when driving.

"Slow down, take your cruise control off. If you're running your cruise control and you hit that black ice, you're going to flip out of control so just be very gentle on your steering, braking and your accelerating," said Tilzey.

Tom says to be especially careful when driving over bridges. He says to keep a look out for black ice and remember just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there."

The Department of Transportation is working tirelessly to reduce the snow and ice off the roads. Tom says they have over sixty snow plows running 24/7 during three different shifts when it starts snowing. 

"These guys are pushing a lot of metal down the road and we're putting out that snow flume. It's tough to see behind us and we try to pull over and get people around us and when you see those orange lights in the distance, that's us," Tilzey adds. "My guys want to get home safe to as well as make the roads safe for the general public."

Tom emphasizes it's important to take more time to get where you're going as well as taking more time to stop.

"If you see a plume of snow or you can see through something, slow down cause chances are it's probably a snow plow or there's something going on. I would ask why would you pass when you can't see what's there?" Tilzey said. "Take every precaution, always wear your seat belt. I always see these accidents going on with people not wearing their seat belts and it generally doesn't end very well." 

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