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NFR Finalists Excited for Chase Hawks Roughstock Rodeo

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The 23rd annual Chase Hawks Roughstock Rodeo kicks off this Saturday at 7 at Billings Metra Park. Coming off the NFR, many cowboys come straight from Vegas to the charity rodeo that helps the Chase Hawks Memorial Association to ride some of the same stock that was in Vegas for the world championships. During the NFR SWX caught up with a few local cowboys to ask how they felt about coming back to Billings for the annual event.

"We'll go there the week after this, then down to Gillette to do the Bucking Ball as well, and they're both kind of the same events," said bareback rider JR Vezain. "They're great events. The bucking stock comes straight from here and goes there, so they're great deals. Especially that being a memorial and a lot of that going to charity and stuff, I like going to them deals and supporting those roughstock rodeos."

"I'm excited, I mean I wish I could get on a bucking horse ever day," said saddle bronc rider Brody Cress. "That's when I'm riding my best, and to be able to jump right into the Chase Hawks, then go to the Bucking Ball in Gillette, then Colorado vs the World, then right into Denver. Being able to get on, I mean there's going to be stock that's here at both of those at the Chase Hawks at Bucking Ball so I'm looking forward to going to both of those."