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Blankets & Bears prepare to make children happy for Christmas

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The Blankets & Bears organization is planning to make many children happy this Christmas for the 13th year in a row.

The organization gathered at St. Bernard's church today to assemble the bundles full of blankets, pillows, pillowcases, and stuffed animals. Over 45 volunteers came to help out wherever they were needed.

KULR 8 spoke with Sandy McCaffree who is the president and CEO of Blankets & Bears. She said she started this organization when she found out seven foster children had no gifts for Christmas in 2005. This year, 500 bundles will be delivered to 7 Head Start schools.

"It's a gift," McCaffree said. "Not just from me, but from the community because without the community and the business support, we wouldn't be able to buy the fleece, the flannel or the pillowcases. So it makes me feel so gracious that we live where we live and we have an outpouring support of volunteers, supporters and businesses that want to reach out and help the children in our community."

The bundles will all be delivered tomorrow.

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