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ATM attempted break-in at Geyser Park

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"Over the years, I've seen different attempts on safes, but to have two in a month is pretty admirable for us," said Captain Bill Michaelis from the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office.

On December 3rd at 12:30 am, an unidentified male broke in the Geyser Park Family Fun Center. 

Owner John Williamson said the suspect was only in his establishment for a total of three minutes before fleeing empty handed.

"So he broke out the glass on the doors,went right to the ATM started cutting on it. He opened up the door,
 started cutting on the steel part, cut up and down," said Williamson. "Then made a big square around it, tried to pull it open. Since it wouldn't open, he kicked on it, then headed out."

Captain Michaelis said they responded to the scene within ten minutes. 

"He wasn't able to get into the machine itself or into the vault area," Michaelis adds. "He was able to do some damage to it but couldn't get into the money." 

However, these are not isolated incidents as attempts to break into other ATM;s have also occurred this month.

"We had another one out in Main Street Worden in Stockman Bank," said Michaelis. "Same kind of thing. He broke the windows, got into the ATM and when the deputies got there they were still smoking from the cutting of the saw."

Captain Bill Michaelis said if anyone has any new information pertaining to these crimes to call the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office at 406-256-2929.

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