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Santa visits pediatric center in Billings Clinic

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Santa Claus took a quick break today from the Rimrock Mall and spent some time at the pediatric unit inside Billings Clinic to greet kids. 

"My favorite part and I've said it before is when the kids come up to me and their eyes light up open and they're like oh goodness it's really Santa Claus. That to me is the biggest thrill," says Santa Claus, who works at Rimrock Mall.

Room by room, Santa paid a surprise visit to children ages two months to three years old. With a big smile and a jolly laugh, many kids rushed to Santa's side.

"Oh, I've been visiting the kids for years. I've started a long time ago, helping daycares and walking around with them and getting my beard pulled a lot," he adds.

Santa says seeing the excitement on their faces is what it's all about and unexpected visits are the best ones. Just look at three-year-old Christopher Keehn who is all smiles as he sits on Santa's lap.

"It's great. It's great to come up and give them a little hope and let them see Santa Claus. Let them enjoy the little bit of the Christmas Spirit," Santa said.

Santa said with over twenty years of visiting kids in the hospital, he says it's become a tradition time and time again. 

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