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ATM stolen from La Quinta Inn and Suites

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Unusual and amazing – that's how La Quinta Inn and Suites General Manager Gail Linnel described the theft of an ATM from the hotel. 

It was around 3:00 Saturday afternoon when Linnel said a man walked in the front doors of La Quinta Inn and Suites on Frontage Road.

Linnel says the man took the stairs to the upper level, walked across the hallway and took the stairs down to where the ATM sat and worked to unbolt it from the floor.

"He was able to physically, once he got it free from the bolt, just drag it out the door," Linnel said. "It's kind of amazing, those things are heavy."

Linnel, who does not want to be physically identified, says this crime happened over the course of four hours. 

"He physically took it out of the building around 7:20 p.m. to 7:25 p.m. It was about 8:00 or 8:15 p.m. when they called me in. On camera, you don't see tools. We didn't hear any power tools obviously, or we would've been alerted to it. He just had whatever tools he had in his pocket," she adds.

ATM owner Wayne Wilcox says this crime is hard to execute and wants to warn others to keep a lookout for any suspicious activity.

"Depending on the standalone ATM's weigh somewhere around two to three hundred pounds. We say that you need to have your ATMs out in public view for people to see because someone is going to see something mischievous happening," Wilcox said.

Linnel says police have identified the man, but no arrests have yet been made. We will continue to update you on air and online once new information becomes available. 

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