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Kautz family partners with Blankets and Bears to honor Kurt Kautz

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Following the unexpected loss of her son, Susan Kautz and other family members partnered with Blankets and Bears to commemorate the life of Kurt Kautz. 

 "This came straight from our heart. Toy and I came together for another reason and all of the sudden we felt there was a need to work with the Kautz family and pay it forward in memory of their son Kurt, who had just recently passed away in a tragic accident, " said Sandy McCaffree, president of Blankets and Bears. "So the money came into the bears and blankets organization and this was our way of paying it forward."

Susan Kautz says partnering with Blankets and Bears was just meant to be.

"Kurt's nickname was "Cubby," said Susan Kautz. "He was Cubby bear way before he even left the hospital and you can see how much joy that each one of these children get out of meeting Santa, having lunch, making arts and crafts and in the end today, they will leave with a bear, a blanket and a pillow which is totally awesome." 

"We would like to continue doing this. It's a great opportunity to serve our community," adds Toynette Siewert, owner of Chancy's events center.

Many came in attendance today to honor the life of Kurt Kautz.

A line of full of family, friends and the community went out the door today of Chancey's event center. 

Susan Kautz says the number of people here today speaks volume of how many came to celebrate Kurtz life.

"It's very heartwarming, " Kautz adds. "It's bittersweet, but it's good."

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