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Red Lodge community gives thanks to Montana firefighters in California

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Following a significant wildfire season in Montana, the Red Lodge community says they are proud to help. 

"Red Lodge has always been very serviced and volunteer orientated," said Lauren Larson from the Red Lodge Chamber of Commerce. "So we're just extremely proud that the Red Lodge Fire and Rescue could be part of the six Montana crews that are heading out there to our neighbors and sharing their resources and services."

Patti Teegarden Kendall says the situation is a frightening ordeal. 

 "I use to have a place up in the Canyon and I've been evacuated from our fires here four times I think," says Kendall. "So, it's terrifying. It was on the other side of the road but it was awful and I can't imagine the families that are there."

Red Lodge Fire Chief Tom Kuntz says although the wildfires pose a significant threat, he ensures the team is properly equipped and highly trained. 

"For us, it's an honor to go and help the folks when they need it. Everyone knows Montana had a significant fire season this past summer and we were on the receiving end for a lot of help, so it's an honor to be able to help across the country and reciprocate that assistance when need," said Kuntz. 

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